How to Buy Cryptocurrencies Via CFDs?

Cryptocurrency trading has seen a significant demand amongst traders with extremely significant profits. This can also lead to disaster, if the trader does not know what he is doing.

Fore front in cryptocurrency trading is Bitcoin, followed by Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Dash with many more entering the market. Trading in cryptocurrencies, buying and selling can be very discouraging and daunting if traders aren’t sufficiently competent in the process. That is why choosing a well-renown CFD service provider that offers a safe and secure platform to trade cryptocurrencies can be the best option over some cryptocurrency exchanges. Still in its infancy, cryptocurrency trading is still unregulated although there is a debate in many countries regarding its legal status and regulation.

Advantages of Trading With a CFD Provider Over Traditional Exchanges

1. By choosing a regulated CFD service provider, such as eToro, traders can trade with confidence knowing they are not in danger of being scammed.

2. eToro offers traders a simple sign-up process on a single platform, compared to some exchanges who ask for a rigorous verification process and require the trader to download and install additional software.

3. Without the need to buy the underlying asset, a CFD provider allows traders to complete transactions in seconds 24/7, also during holidays and weekends.

eToro offers traders cryptocurrency trading via CFDs where customers can trade the actual underlying assets of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin and Ripple together with Dash on their investment instrument ‘Crypto CopyFund’.

CopyFund an innovative product bundles together various traders, or assets on a predetermined strategy, resulting in a single tradable asset. With combined exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum it generated profits during the cryptocurrency bull run in May 2017 of 66% together with 125% profits in its first three months.

Social Trading, a Unique Feature at Etoro

A unique and popular feature at eToro is their ‘CopyTrading’, which allows traders to copy any other successful trader. Traders are also rewarded for consistent returns whilst holding a low risk score and can join the ranks of ‘Popular Investors’.

eToro also offers a free demo account where traders can practise trades and hone in on their trading skills before investing their own money.

Grab the bull by the horns with eToro and enter the exciting world of cryptocurrency trading, knowing your investments are secure!

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*Trading forex and CFDs can be a risk to your investments. You should only trade with money that you can afford to lose.

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