iTrader Education Center

iTrader has an enriched education center which practically has all the materials you need to improve your knowledge on trading forex and CFDs. Listed below are the resources that they offer:

  • eBooks
  • V.O.D.
  • Courses
  • Tutorials
  • Articles
  • Glossary
  • FAQ

If you prefer reading digitally then you will enjoy their free ebooks which come with comprehensive details on what forex and CFD trading is all about. There’s also a V.O.D or video on-demand section featuring a fine selection of clips that you can watch all for free. If you want an in-depth learning experience then the courses and tutorials will surely help you in improving your trading knowledge and further enhancing your skills in investing.

Want to be a more informed trader? Read their suite of articles and be a wiser knowing which assets are best to place your investments on. If you want to be more familiarized with the trading terms and jargons then there’s an extensive glossary to guide you while answers to common questions about the trading platform and their services are found on the FAQ section.

All the information and tools that you need can be found in the iTrader education center and the best thing about it is that you can access them all for free. Please click here to open iTrader’s Education Center.