CM Trading Education Center

Education is one of the crucial factors that traders should look for in a brokerage and the good news is that CM Trading provides a selection of educational materials for their clients. Whether you are newbie to online trading or you wish to further enhance your knowledge, there’s a great range tools and resources that will put you on the right path. Below is the breakdown of what this brokerage offers:

  • Training Videos
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Webinars
  • Guardian Angel
  • Expert Advisers
  • CM Trading Signals

There’s a wide spectrum of training videos that you can watch to be more familiarized with the whole trading system and this includes forex trading, market analysis, trading psychology, forex strategies, the Sirix platform, social trading, trading stocks and introduction to CFD’s. There’s also a thorough explanation of what technical analysis and fundamental analysis is all about and how you can use these strategies to your advantage.

They also regularly hold live webinars that are conducted by senior trading specialists and best of all, these events are free. Also worth mentioning is the Guardian Angel, a free smart communication system service that you can utilize to get signals on market trends and market volatility indications so you can make the best out of your trading experience.

With the help of these educational resources and tools, you will be able to make more educated trading decisions and become acquainted with the basics of the forex market. If you wish to directly access CM Trading’s Education Center, please click here.