Just when we got used to the word Social Trading and Copy Traders, someone has to go a step ahead and introduce ‘CrowdTrading’ this is a hot word on the lips of traders at the moment an entirely new and affective way of making profitable trades!

Follow the Crowd : Big Potential Investments

The concept and thinking behind it is that if you follow the crowd, the results from the decision is proven to be more accurate and reliable, this has indeed been confirmed by extensive research into the matter.

See, Chat, Monitor with ‘Others’ in the Crowd

So just like any other Social trading, traders are able to sign in using facebook, or Google+ whilst all the time being able to monitor trader comments, see charts and news updates in real time, all on the same screen and best of all see traders comments and input. All these valuable tools help traders to make a more informed and better decision in placing trades.
The Crowd rules and knows best!

Next New Wave: Trade 360

At ForexComparizone we are especially excited at the opportunity of being able to add Trade360 to our list of portfolio of brokers. Trade360 are regulated in Cyprus and offer CrowdTrading on their innovative and advanced platform, this concept we believe is the next new wave of successful trading for investors.

Free Demo – Bonuses Galore!

Traders are not expected to know all about CrowdTrading, so Trade360 offer a free demo account that is preloaded with $10,000 of virtual money for traders to practice on, learn the software and practice following the Crowd. That is not all, they offer handsome bonuses for new players amongst which is $60 for using the demo account and practicing, and the big bonus of 30% up to $1,000. Via.the grape vine we also heard that they will GIVE you $50 as an added bonus for submitting a valid phone number.

Investors are asked to keep their “eyes open” for the launch of Trade360 on ForexComparizone, which is happening very soon.

Helping our customers to discover new heights in investing profitably!!

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