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How to trade this stock

Have the intention of trading Twitter stocks? Similar to the hashtag that was made popular by this online social networking service, the TWTR ticker symbol has been trending in the financial markets since it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and if you’re interested to trade this stock then you need to be with a brokerage firm that offers the best trading conditions. Below are the recommend brokers for trading this stock:


Brokers that offer Twitter stock trading

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These brokers have been proven to be reliable by our experts and have been voted as the top picks by the majority of our subscribers. You may check out our detailed and unbiased reviews to find out more.

About Twitter

Founded in 2006, Twitter is one of the top social networking services today enabling users to send and read short messages or more popularly known as “tweets” via its website, SMS or mobile application. Also known as the “SMS of the Internet”, this easy and convenient platform has been a global success for posting self-expressions in real time and continues to be one of the best ways to keep up with friends, celebrities, and businesses alike. This company also provides promoted products and services which allows advertisers to promote their own products, and services. They have more than 500 million users and this number is expected to increase in the years to come as the service continues to gain worldwide popularity.

Why trade this stock

Today is the era of internet information providers and Twitter is one the flagship companies of this emerging industry which promises a lot of profit potential especially for those who know how to trade wisely. This social media giant’s shares are always expected to make sizable movements after earnings and as a trader you can play both ways provided that you are with a broker that could give you a good trading opportunity. Keeping track of the earnings reports particularly on the growth outlook and plans of the company can give you a good perspective on how the stock is going to perform so you can plan on whether to place a buy or a sell. You may also use technical analysis to assess the market’s reaction based on its past price records. By taking advantage of the financial charts and other useful resources that are provided to you by your broker will enable you to place profitable trades!

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