Alphabet (Google)

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How to trade this stock

Interested in investing Google stocks? The good news is that investors do not have to buy a certain minimum quantity of stock as they can buy a share. At this time it is quite expensive for the regular man in the street and many investors are speculating that Google might split their stock which would make it less expensive and half the price for twice as many shares. If this does happen many more investors would jump at the opportunity to buy this precious stock. If you decide to buy this stock then you will need a good and reliable reputable broker. Here are the highly recommended brokers that offer trading on Google stock:


Brokers that offer Alphabet (Google) stock trading

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All of the above brokers are highly rated not just by Forex Comparizone but by user reviews as well. These brokers offer demo accounts which have the same features as a live trading account. If you would prefer to trade on your own, you can make use of the financial charts and other tools that are provided by these brokers.

About Google

Google was founded in 1998 and their headquarters are in Mountain View, California, USA. Currently, they have a number of subsidiaries including YouTube, Songza, Double Click, Feed Burner and more are being added. They own a couple of profitable companies and are not totally reliant on revenues only from their search engine making them a reliable company to invest in. Since restructuring and the change of name to “Alphabet” their revenues are still climbing as is the price of their stock.

Why trade this stock

Google is a big name and it is relatively easy to keep track of their stocks just by subscribing to any number of financial news bulletins but by utilizing the tools that the brokers provide investors like technical analysis charts you will be able to keep on top of the movement of the stocks at any given moment. Investors are also excited about Google’s increased focus on monetizing YouTube and the mobile search leading to more business and increasing their revenue. This would result in the stock going up which would be good for investors. Financial charts gives live streaming and you can utilize this feature to get an overview of how the stocks are performing at any given time. Always remember that trading stocks your money is at risk as the stocks can also go down! It is best to invest in a couple of stocks by diversifying.

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