Ether (Ethereum)

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How to trade this currency

Heard about Ethereum and want to trade this hot investment? With the rise of digital currencies like Bitcoin, other similar currencies are have emerged and one of them is Ether. Currently the second largest in the market and the hottest new thing in digital currency, we highly recommended that you take advantage of this opportunity by choosing a brokerage that is reliable and trustworthy. Here are the best brokers that we recommend for trading this digital currency:


Brokers that offer Ether (Ethereum) trading

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The listed brokers above are trustworthy and have been fully tested so your funds are more protected. They consistently rank very high based on our expert reviews and customer ratings.

About Ethereum

Ether is the digital currency that is based on Ethereum technology. Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum is a blockchain based system but the difference from the latter is that its not just another digital currency. Bitcoin was primarily created as an alternative currency while Ethereum was developed to create a suite of decentralized applications. As a trader, you only need to focus on the “Ether” currency as this is an alternative to traditional currencies the the USD, GBP etc.

Why trade this cryptocurrency

This digital currency was introduced in August 2015 having an initial value of just around $2.8 and since then its price has steadily increased. With a fluctuating price, you can make a considerable amount of profit by trading Ether and you have the option to execute an intraday or long-term trade.

Currently there are only a few brokerages that offer this cryptocurrency which is why we have organized a table of the most trusted brands so you will be guided on where to diversify your portfolio. We strongly advise that you only choose from the brokerages that we recommend as these offer the best trading conditions in the market.

Trade Ether